Some software that I have written, mainly using Java, JavaCC or Visual Basic. This software is being converted to use the GNU GPL (I'm ashamed I have not got around to doing this before!) If you have any licensing questions, please contact me.

The VBParser product is a parser for Microsoft's Visual Basic language (version 6, pre .NET). It can be used as a foundation for VB language parsers, and a sample add-in to automate common tasks is included in the download.

The MiniJava productis an example of how the JavaCC parser generator and the BCL Bytecode Library may be used to compile a very small subset of Java to bytecode. It is a partial answer to the frequently-asked-question "OK, I have written a parser. Now how do I get it to execute my code?".

The JavaToHTML product generates an HTML page to display the code of a Java or JavaCC program.