Java Image Processing Utilities

This packages provides a scripting language for Image Processing.

It may be run as a Java Servlet, a CGI web program, or just a plain old-fashioned command-line applicatipon.

You will need Java to run this application.

You can load an image from a file, and save it in a variable:
sphinx = /home/paul/cager.image/smallsphinx.gif
Or the image could be loaded from a URL:
sphinx =
Images may be saved back to files:
save(sphinx, "MyImage.png")
Or displayed in a pop-up window:
There is a set of built-in functions and operators:
halfSize = scale(sphinx, 0.5);
clip = subImage(sphinx, 20, 40)	// Return a sub-image whose origin is coordinate (20,40).
clip = subImage(sphinx, 20, 40, 10, 15)	// As above, but subImage is clipped to width 10 height 15.
rot = rotate(sphinx, 45, RED)	// Rotate 45 degrees, filling in newly-created blank spaces with Red.
bordered = border(sphinx, 4, BLUE)  // Add a 4-pixel blue border.
bordered = border(sphinx, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLUE)  // Add left, top, right, bottom borders of specified thickness.
clip = cut(sphinx, 4, 3, 2, 1)  // Remove specified pixels from the left, top, right, and bottom sides of the image.
newImage = image(12, 24, blue)  // Create a new 12x24 image, filled with blue.
newImage = row(image1, image2, image3) // Create a new image from the 3 specified images laid together in a row.
newImage = col(image1, image2, image3) // As above, but laid together vertically.
newImage = matrix(img00, img10, img20;
                  img01, img11, img21)  // Create a 3x2 matrix of images. The ";" delimits rows.
newImage = [img00, img10, img20;
            img01, img11, img21]  // Alternative syntax for a matrix.
blended = blend(img1, img2, img3)  // Blend a list of images.
mirror = mirrorVertically(sphinx)  // Return a (vertically) mirrored image.
mirror = mirrorHorizontally(sphinx)  // Return a (horizontally) mirrored image.

rotated = sphinx @ 45 // Rotate by 45 degrees.
halfSize = sphinx / 2  // Scale by 0.5.
doubleSize = sphinx * 2  // Scale by 2
blended = img1 | img2 | img3  // Alternative syntax for blending.

split(sphinx, 5, 5, "MyFile-%x-%y.png")  // Splits the image into 5x5 pixel tiles, and saves the tiles
                                         // in file names whose format is specified by the last argument.
tile(sphinx, 5, 5, "MyFile-%x-%y.png")   // Similar to "split", but specifies the number of tiles you want
                                         // rather than the tile size. This example will produce 25 tiles.
Usual String and numeric arithmetic is suported:
img = scale(img, 1.0 / 4)
Functions and operators may be nested in the usual way:
show(scale(border(sphinx, 10, RED), 2))
Variables may be set to control behaviour:
set proxyServer = "123.456.789.012"  // Set the HTTP proxy's server name and port.
set proxyPort = 8080

Linking To Other Image Manipulation Packages.

You may also link to other, third-party, image processing packages, and call functions within those packages from your script. This is done using a properties file to define the mapping from function names in the script to Java class names.

The download includes Jerry Huxtable's excellent Image filter Classes, which provide a vast number of image manipulation functions. Take a look at his site for more information.

Examples of some of these functions:

img = ripple(sphinx)
img = blur(sphinx)
img = sparkle(sphinx, amount=0.4)
img = oil(sphinx, levels=2, range=4)

Refer to Jerry's site for details, or just experiment!